Asceticism and heroism

What is /sig/?

/sig/ is all about self-improvement. We reject the modern life of consumption, addiction and distraction in pursuit of fitness, knowledge, discipline, struggle and glory. We live our lives based on these underlying principles, typically aiming to do the following:

And most importantly:

/sig/ is not an organised group, but rather a way to live in opposition to the weakness, complacency and hedonism encouraged by modern life.

The name /sig/ stems from a thread that sometimes appears on 4chan's /pol/ board, which is where a lot of people have been introduced to the principles of self-improvement. However, there are many, many other places which espouse the principles of /sig/.

What is /sig/up?

/sig/up is an archive for resources relating to /sig/. Many such resources exist only on transient imageboard threads, and so /sig/up exists to preserve them and make them easily accessible.

Other /sig/up media


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