/sig/up challenges are monthly themed challenges designed to foster friendly competitiveness and a sense of collective achievement within the community. Each challenge is a month long, with winners of the competition voted on by the channel at the end of the month. The challenges are open to anyone, though it helps to be in the Telegram discussion group to discuss with others.

If you have any questions or would like to take part in a challenge, contact me: admin@donotturnoff.net or @donotturnoff on Telegram.

/sig/up challenge June 2021 - Study

Pick a subject you know little about and spend time this month studying it.

As with the other challenges, there are no limits on what you can study. It could be something in the humanities or something more scientific, or perhaps something more creative or practical (though bear in mind that we will be doing a more practical skill based challenge in the future too).

By the end of the month, create something to demonstrate your new knowledge or skills, such as a piece of writing, an infographic or a physical object. We will vote on the best results at the end of the month, with the winners posted on the website.

/sig/up challenge May 2021 - Fitness

Set fitness targets and report on how much progress you made towards them by the end of the month. You may wish to set some extension goals too, and see how close you can get to them.

This challenge is suitable for anyone, doing any form of exercise, because the metric isn't how much you can lift or how far you can run, but how much progress you've made. So if you're just starting out or if you're a seasoned athlete, you can take part.

You should send me your current position and targets within the first week of the month, and then send me your results at the end (admin@donotturnoff.net via e-mail or @donotturnoff on Telegram.), so that you're accountable for the progress. You could announce them in the discussion group too. At the end of the month, I'll share everyone's progress anonymously, and we will vote for who's made the best progress. The winners will be posted on the website (with prior permission).

/sig/up challenge April 2021 - Reading

Choose a book (or several) and write something based on what you've read by the end of April, for a friendly competition. Anyone can take part, whether you're just getting into reading or you have an entire library at home.

There are no restrictions on what to read, what to write or how much to write, but as a couple of suggestions, you might write a few pages exploring a non-fiction book's core ideas or a short story inspired by a fiction book.

You may choose to announce what you plan to read in the discussion group, or you can just submit something by the end of the month. Submissions should be sent to me (admin@donotturnoff.net via e-mail or @donotturnoff on Telegram.) and I will post them anonymously on the channel to be voted on in three categories: best insights, best written and most entertaining. The winners will be posted on the website (with prior permission).


How to Read a Book (Review)
Submitted by Wallace. A detailed review and summary of Adler and van DOren's How to Read a Book.
The Master and Margarita - An Essay
Submitted by Shwei. An entertaining review of Bulgakov's The Master and Margarita, as well as a brief look at its philosophy.
Starship Troopers
Submitted by Pete. A brief yet insightful look at Heinlein's Starship Troopers from the perspective of the modern third position.
Your Brain on Porn by Gary Wilson
Submitted by Daniel. A sleek summary of many of the important lessons in Gary Wilson's Your Brain on Porn
The Nietzschean Ideal
Submitted by donotturnoff (me). An examination of the worldview espoused in Nietzsche's Beyond Good and Evil, and a look at his ideal man.