Before and after /sig/ (Topic: General/other) [1.png]

/sig/ has changed Wojak's life for the better

Before and after /sig/

/sig/ guide to start improving (Topic: ) [110.png]

/sig/ guide to start improving

Concentrate Upon Yourself (Topic: Exercise) [85.png]

Concentrate Upon Yourself

They try to make you ugly and weak (Topic: Exercise) [86.png]

They try to make you ugly and weak

Survive Redpilling (Topic: General/other) [88.jpeg]

Survive Redpilling

Conquer Self (Topic: General/other) [90.jpeg]

Conquer Self

Both the Marble and the Sculptor (Topic: General/other) [92.png]

Both the Marble and the Sculptor

/sig/ roll (Topic: General/other) [98.png]

/sig/ roll

Work out (Topic: Exercise) [100.png]

Work out

7-day impulse control method (Topic: Discipline) [103.png]

7-day impulse control method

The most important things you can do (Topic: General/other) [109.png]

The most important things you can do

No Fap Counter (Topic: NoFap) [123.png]

follow your evolution

No Fap Counter

Try Your Best (Topic: General/other) [79.png]

Try Your Best

How to change your life (Topic: General/other) [126.jpeg]

A framework

How to change your life

Why we lift (Topic: Exercise) [146.jpeg]

Why we lift

Defeat yourself every day (Topic: Discipline) [160.jpeg]

Defeat yourself every day

Accepting full responsibility (Topic: Discipline) [171.jpeg]

Do not be a victim of circumstance

Accepting full responsibility

Quickstart self-improvement guide (Topic: General/other) [180.png]

Quickstart self-improvement guide

Bodyweight_666 (Topic: Exercise) [191.png]


Living off the land (Topic: Gardening) [195.jpeg]

How much space do you need to live off the land? Probably a couple of acres

Living off the land

Narrator's Script (Topic: Whitepill) [217.png]

Mental model experiments are something I always do. Viewing life as narrative and systematically changing how we are a part of and perceive that story is essential since it defines our subconscious and we often act predictably according to our archetypal role in the collective subconscious. We may not be aware of our role in the story, but there are those who have natural strong awareness who can explicitly map you to the narrative. Whitepill: Get a hold of your internal monologue and you can bend the narrative (CBT).

Narrator's Script

/SIG/ Sisera Edition (Topic: Discipline) [218.jpeg]

/SIG/ Sisera Edition

SIG Giga Bloomer (Topic: General/other) [221.png]

Heard JBP talk about how violent animals were often depicted as a single hybrid creature to simplify an idea of the enemy. Similarly, I created this is hybrid of the Giga-chad, Bloomer, & SIG wojak memes in the form of one character. A simple idea, but I think useful for the sake of creating narratives.

SIG Giga Bloomer

Struggle is Manhood (Topic: Discipline) [83.jpeg]

Struggle is Manhood

Getting the best sleep (Topic: General/other) [74.png]

Getting the best sleep

Rules for life (Topic: General/other) [3.png]

How to live a meaningful life in this age of nihilism.

Rules for life

Iron Pill part 7 (Topic: General/other) [38.png]

Homo virtute ac potentia pura

Iron Pill part 7

Happiness and discipline (Topic: Discipline) [18.png]

Achieving fulfilment through self-discipline and self-mastery

Happiness and discipline

Hügelkultur (Topic: Gardening) [21.jpeg]

Hügelkultur garden beds


Breathing image of self-respect (Topic: Exercise) [24.jpeg]

Breathing image of self-respect

Iron Pill part 1 (Topic: General/other) [32.jpeg]

Volkisch awakening pt1

Iron Pill part 1

Iron Pill part 2 (Topic: General/other) [33.jpeg]

Volkisch awakening pt2

Iron Pill part 2

Iron Pill part 3 (Topic: General/other) [34.jpeg]

Volkisch awakening pt 3

Iron Pill part 3

Iron Pill part 4 (Topic: General/other) [35.jpeg]

...meanwhile, at a western college campus

Iron Pill part 4

Iron pill part 5 (Topic: General/other) [36.jpeg]

...meanwhile, on a Detroit sidewalk

Iron pill part 5

Iron Pill part 6 (Topic: General/other) [37.jpeg]

...meanwhile, at a western college campus...again

Iron Pill part 6

Iron Pill part 8 (Topic: General/other) [39.jpeg]

...meanwhile, at a college slam poetry competition

Iron Pill part 8

Concern (Topic: Discipline) [68.jpeg]

Concern should drive us into action and not into depression. No man who cannot control himself is free.


Iron Pill part 9 (Topic: General/other) [40.jpeg]

...meanwhile, at a clash of ideologies

Iron Pill part 9

Discipline Is Manhood (Topic: Discipline) [41.jpeg]

Motivation is a false god Discipline is manhood

Discipline Is Manhood

Smallholdings (Topic: Gardening) [42.png]

Layouts for smallholdings of various sizes


Tiers of /sig/ (Topic: General/other) [43.jpeg]

The various levels of enlightenment

Tiers of /sig/

Neither pleasure nor pain (Topic: Discipline) [45.jpeg]

Neither pleasure nor pain

/sig/ (Topic: General/other) [49.jpeg]


No right to be an amateur (Topic: Exercise) [50.png]

No citizen has a right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. What a disgrace it is for a man to grow old without ever seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable. - Socrates

No right to be an amateur

If you control yourself, you control life (Topic: Discipline) [51.jpeg]

If you control yourself, you control life

Make civilised the mind, make savage the body (Topic: General/other) [52.jpeg]

Make civilised the mind, make savage the body

Live Worthily (Topic: General/other) [67.jpeg]

Live Worthily

Learning how to learn pill (Topic: Reading) [222.png]

These books will teach you how to focus on The Thing, How to remember The Thing, How to improve at The Thing and how to analyze The Thing

Learning how to learn pill

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