A /pol/ack's Journey (part 1) (Topic: Reading) [29.png]

Essential readings

A /pol/ack's Journey (part 1)

A /pol/ack's Journey (part 2) (Topic: Reading) [30.png]

More essential readings; choose your path

A /pol/ack's Journey (part 2)

Right-wing literature (Topic: Reading) [65.jpeg]

Books on the many types of right-wing thought

Right-wing literature

The Narrative Illusion (Topic: General/other) [75.png]

How they subvert society.

The Narrative Illusion

Volskich Wojak (Topic: General/other) [78.jpeg]

Volskich Wojak

/sig/ is political (Topic: General/other) [81.png]

/sig/ is political

They try to make you ugly and weak (Topic: Exercise) [86.png]

They try to make you ugly and weak

Survive Redpilling (Topic: General/other) [88.jpeg]

Survive Redpilling

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