Do NOT jack off (Topic: NoFap) [47.png]

Chronic masturbation is a hazardous activity

Do NOT jack off

Realize the problem (Topic: General/other) [82.png]

Realize the problem

Quitting porn metascript (Topic: NoFap) [113.jpeg]

Love, hate and indifference

Quitting porn metascript

Traps (Topic: NoFap) [114.jpeg]


No Fap Counter (Topic: NoFap) [123.png]

follow your evolution

No Fap Counter

Bad mistake (Topic: NoFap) [130.jpeg]

Don't use Bing either

Bad mistake

Scientific reasons to stop cooming (Topic: NoFap) [139.jpeg]

Scientific reasons to stop cooming

Fapping (Topic: NoFap) [140.jpeg]


Physiological benefits of NoFap (Topic: NoFap) [154.png]

Physiological benefits of NoFap

The evils of porn (Topic: NoFap) [156.png]

The evils of porn

NoFap timeline (Topic: NoFap) [165.jpeg]

How you can expect your journey through NoFap to progress

NoFap timeline

You think you're better than me? (Topic: NoFap) [166.png]


You think you're better than me?

The Chad NoFap (Topic: NoFap) [167.jpeg]

The Chad NoFap

Mindgeek and Weimar (Topic: NoFap) [168.png]

Mindgeek and Weimar

Horny (Topic: NoFap) [169.jpeg]

Imagine being this useless


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