Wojak's Journey (Topic: General/other) [2.png]

Wojak's journey through /sig/

Wojak's Journey

/sig/ roll (Topic: General/other) [13.png]

Pick a random goal

/sig/ roll

/sig/ roll hardmode (Topic: General/other) [14.png]

Pick a goal - but this time they're difficult

/sig/ roll hardmode

/sig/ roll - serenity (Topic: General/other) [15.png]

Roll for serenity

/sig/ roll - serenity

/sig/ roll - political research (Topic: Reading) [16.png]

/sig/ roll - political research

/sig/ roll for neckbeards (Topic: General/other) [17.jpeg]

We all have to start somewhere

/sig/ roll for neckbeards

/sig/ roll - Wermacht in training (Topic: General/other) [61.jpeg]

/sig/ roll - Wermacht in training

/sig/ roll - general (Topic: General/other) [62.jpeg]

/sig/ roll - general

/fit/ Diet (Topic: Diet) [72.jpeg]

/fit/ Diet

Try Your Best (Topic: General/other) [79.png]

Try Your Best

Conquer Self (Topic: General/other) [90.jpeg]

Conquer Self

/fit/ achievement poster (Topic: Exercise) [176.png]

/fit/ achievement poster

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