If you control yourself, you control life (Topic: Discipline) [51.jpeg]

If you control yourself, you control life

Concern (Topic: Discipline) [68.jpeg]

Concern should drive us into action and not into depression. No man who cannot control himself is free.


7-day impulse control method (Topic: Discipline) [103.png]

7-day impulse control method

Why we lift (Topic: Exercise) [146.jpeg]

Why we lift

Accepting full responsibility (Topic: Discipline) [171.jpeg]

Do not be a victim of circumstance

Accepting full responsibility

Narrator's Script (Topic: Whitepill) [217.png]

Mental model experiments are something I always do. Viewing life as narrative and systematically changing how we are a part of and perceive that story is essential since it defines our subconscious and we often act predictably according to our archetypal role in the collective subconscious. We may not be aware of our role in the story, but there are those who have natural strong awareness who can explicitly map you to the narrative. Whitepill: Get a hold of your internal monologue and you can bend the narrative (CBT).

Narrator's Script

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