A Beginner's Guide to the Trivium (Topic: Reading) [4.png]

Suggested books about the Trivium for beginners.

A Beginner's Guide to the Trivium

Learning to Learn (Topic: Reading) [99.jpeg]

A brief reading guide

Learning to Learn

Learning how to learn pill (Topic: Reading) [222.png]

These books will teach you how to focus on The Thing, How to remember The Thing, How to improve at The Thing and how to analyze The Thing

Learning how to learn pill

A /pol/ack's Journey: Essential Readings On The Path Of Redpill (Topic: Reading) [213.jpeg]

Want to impress friends and chicks t showing off your knowledge of obscure politics? Want to write the most elaborate and well-argumented shitposts the world has ever seen? Want to grasp the deepest secrets secrets of the universe and ascend to a higher plane of existence? Fear not, we’ve got what you need.

A /pol/ack's Journey: Essential Readings On The Path Of Redpill

/sig/ eco reading guide (Topic: Reading) [144.jpeg]

/sig/ eco reading guide

/fit/ reading list (Topic: Reading) [132.jpeg]

/fit/ reading list
Tags: books fit reading

/sig/ guide to start improving (Topic: ) [110.png]

/sig/ guide to start improving

The /fit/ reading list (Topic: Exercise) [108.jpeg]

The /fit/ reading list

The Trivium (Topic: Reading) [96.png]

Rhetoric, Logic and Grammar: a beginner's guide

The Trivium

Political Theory: An Introduction (Topic: Reading) [7.jpeg]

A basic reading list for political theory

Political Theory: An Introduction

Start with the Greeks (Topic: Reading) [66.jpeg]

A guide to Greek literature

Start with the Greeks

Right-wing literature (Topic: Reading) [65.jpeg]

Books on the many types of right-wing thought

Right-wing literature

Deep ecology reading list (Topic: Reading) [46.jpeg]

A right-wing ecology reading list

Deep ecology reading list

A /pol/ack's Journey (part 2) (Topic: Reading) [30.png]

More essential readings; choose your path

A /pol/ack's Journey (part 2)

A /pol/ack's Journey (part 1) (Topic: Reading) [29.png]

Essential readings

A /pol/ack's Journey (part 1)

The Iron Pill Reading List (Topic: Reading) [10.jpeg]

Volkisch reading

The Iron Pill Reading List

Julius Evola reading guide (Topic: Reading) [8.jpeg]

A guide to the works of Evola

Julius Evola reading guide

THE COURAGE TO BE DISLIKED (Topic: Reading) [223.jpeg]

With practice, dedication, and critical thinking, Adlerian Psychology can help you improve your interpersonal relationships. This book also has a sequel: THE COURAGE TO BE HAPPY Here are some links to the audio books in order: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_z4Q7jddEKs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5rZqB9WHY1g There is no epiphany in these books. It is not a "prescription". This is why it requires practice!


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