Imageboard brain (Topic: General/other) [148.jpeg]

Imageboard brain

How To Quit Porn (Topic: NoFap) [188.png]

How To Quit Porn

Consistency (Topic: Discipline) [189.jpeg]


WE WILL MAKE IT (Topic: General/other) [208.jpeg]

Tags: 4chan

/fit/ priest (Topic: General/other) [215.jpeg]

Anon meets a holy lifter.

/fit/ priest

Narrator's Script (Topic: Whitepill) [217.png]

Mental model experiments are something I always do. Viewing life as narrative and systematically changing how we are a part of and perceive that story is essential since it defines our subconscious and we often act predictably according to our archetypal role in the collective subconscious. We may not be aware of our role in the story, but there are those who have natural strong awareness who can explicitly map you to the narrative. Whitepill: Get a hold of your internal monologue and you can bend the narrative (CBT).

Narrator's Script

/SIG/ Sisera Edition (Topic: Discipline) [218.jpeg]

/SIG/ Sisera Edition

SIG Giga Bloomer (Topic: General/other) [221.png]

Heard JBP talk about how violent animals were often depicted as a single hybrid creature to simplify an idea of the enemy. Similarly, I created this is hybrid of the Giga-chad, Bloomer, & SIG wojak memes in the form of one character. A simple idea, but I think useful for the sake of creating narratives.

SIG Giga Bloomer

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