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Before and after /sig/ (Topic: General/other) [1.png]

/sig/ has changed Wojak's life for the better

Before and after /sig/

Wojak's Journey (Topic: General/other) [2.png]

Wojak's journey through /sig/

Wojak's Journey

Rules for life (Topic: General/other) [3.png]

How to live a meaningful life in this age of nihilism.

Rules for life

A Beginner's Guide to the Trivium (Topic: Reading) [4.png]

Suggested books about the Trivium for beginners.

A Beginner's Guide to the Trivium

Why do you do it? (Topic: General/other) [5.jpeg]

Why are you doing what you are doing? Why are your goals yours? How did they become your goals?

Why do you do it?

The Man in the Glass (Topic: General/other) [6.jpeg]

- Dale Wimbrow, 1934

The Man in the Glass

Political Theory: An Introduction (Topic: Reading) [7.jpeg]

A basic reading list for political theory

Political Theory: An Introduction

Julius Evola reading guide (Topic: Reading) [8.jpeg]

A guide to the works of Evola

Julius Evola reading guide

The Iron Pill Diet (Topic: Diet) [9.jpeg]

Volkisch food

The Iron Pill Diet

The Iron Pill Reading List (Topic: Reading) [10.jpeg]

Volkisch reading

The Iron Pill Reading List

The Bloomer (Topic: General/other) [11.png]

The Bloomer
Tags: bloomer wojak

Testosterone (Topic: General/other) [12.png]

Tips for boosting testosterone levels


/sig/ roll (Topic: General/other) [13.png]

Pick a random goal

/sig/ roll

/sig/ roll hardmode (Topic: General/other) [14.png]

Pick a goal - but this time they're difficult

/sig/ roll hardmode

/sig/ roll - serenity (Topic: General/other) [15.png]

Roll for serenity

/sig/ roll - serenity

/sig/ roll - political research (Topic: Reading) [16.png]

/sig/ roll - political research

/sig/ roll for neckbeards (Topic: General/other) [17.jpeg]

We all have to start somewhere

/sig/ roll for neckbeards

Happiness and discipline (Topic: Discipline) [18.png]

Achieving fulfilment through self-discipline and self-mastery

Happiness and discipline

Always the sun (Topic: Nature) [19.jpeg]

Always the sun

Find yourself within nature (Topic: Nature) [20.jpeg]

Find yourself within nature